Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eiffel Tower Cake Topper Tutorial!

Finally, I am finally getting it together! :)  Here it is!  The tutorial for the...
 Royal Icing Eiffel Tower!!! 

You will need:
*Royal Icing (in the color you prefer)  I used black.
*Your decorator bag and tip. ( I used round tip #3)
*16 pieces of wax paper (you should do a few extra of each section in case some break or crack)
*Tape (to secure the wax paper over template)
*Your template.  (posted below)

Now, you may want to turn on some music and get into your zone!  It's time to make awesomeness happen!

* Get supplies together and make Royal Icing.
Royal Icing recipe: ( I use Wilton's recipe)

* Print the template, I found this one in Google images, and printed it.
You can print it four times if you prefer, but I only did it once.  I just gently slid the template out from under the wax paper after I was done with each one.

 After printing, I cut it into the four sections listed. You will pipe each section 4 times. Don't worry about the top, you will make it when you have assembled the tower. 

*  Place your wax paper down over your template and tape to secure.

* Get your piping bag and start tracing the outline, I filled the inside with small "X's" making sure to connect to the outline.  You also want to pipe the outline with straight lines.  The Eiffel tower bows/leans in somewhat, if you do this, the pieces will not connect correctly.  So, remember to pipe the outline with straight lines. 

* Let it dry.  I recommend 16-24 hours.

After piping each individual section and some drying time, I moved them all to one piece of wax paper (only because I needed space for the chocolate Eiffel Tower I was working on).  

Here are my pieces...

As you can see, I did an extra set.  This was precautionary in case I had breaks, and I did.  
So it is a good idea to make extra. 

*  Now it is time to begin assembling them.  You will use some of the remaining royal icing to adhere the         pieces to each other. Take one piece and put royal icing down one of it's sides, then attach another piece to it, secure it with the icing.  Continue doing this around until they are all four connected.  
Continue doing each of the sections in this way.  Do NOT stack the sections yet.  The corners of these pieces need time to dry so they will be stable when you assemble them.  

Now you have four pieces (sections) drying.

*  After the sections are dry, you can now stack them to assemble your tower.  Put royal icing around the top of the base section.  Then place the next on top, and continue doing the same until all four pieces are together and you now have a tower.  You can let them dry in between sections if you are more comfortable doing that, but I wasn't so patient.  I went ahead a stacked them all carefully and gently, then let dry.  
*  After the tower is dry, you will want to pipe some icing on top.  You can do this in the shape you prefer, I just piped an upside down cone shape.  I did so by going around the bottom and getting smaller as I went up til I had a tip on top.  

This is my first tutorial, hopefully it is helpful! 
If you have any questions or need advice please feel free to email me @ justcakethat@gmail.com or comment here! :) 

Happy Piping!

 Here is the Chocolate Eiffel Tower I made. 
It was close to three feet tall!!!

 I just melted the Chocolate and piped it using the same concept as above.  I just printed my template in poster size until I got the specifications/size I wanted.  This was much more difficult, but I did it! :) 


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  2. Thanks Abbe, glad you enjoyed it! You are so welcome! :)

  3. this is awesome thank you so much for sharing how you made something so awesome!!